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  Meet Mike Passmore of Simply Great Golf, Myrtle Beach
A Conversation with Mike Passmore, PGA Professional and Founder of Simply Great Golf
How did you develop Simply Great Golf?
Early in my career as a PGA professional there were signs that I had a gift for teaching.This led me to consider changing my career goals from a club professional to a teaching professional. Before making my final decision to become a professional instructor, I conducted a study of golf teaching techniques by contacting several golf professionals and asking to watch them conduct lessons. I found that there were about as many concepts for the “proper” grip, stance, back-swing, etcetera and as many different techniques for instructing as there were instructors.
I’ve always been innovative. My teaching study revealed there was a great opportunity to develop the simplest, most effective concepts for learning and playing the game of golf. My Simply Great Golf approach was born.
Mike Passmore is the driving force behind the Simply Great Golf Academy
Are all of your students instructed to learn the same fundamentals?
No. We treat every student as an individual. This is always the case, even when students are part of a group lesson. Each student has his or her unique characteristics such as learning style, physique and physical strength. Therefore, there are specific approaches within the SGG model of fundamental techniques and teaching/coaching styles. These styles are matched to each individual student to produce the best learning results.
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How would you summarize the fundamentals of a Simply Great Golf swing?
Most importantly, there is a Pre-Shot Routine that must be consistent to promote the SGG swing. This routine consists partly of G.A.S.P. - Grip, Aim, Stance, and Posture - and “Key Swing Trigger Thoughts” to provide the most effective swinging motion.
In general, the SGG approach involves learning and coordinating two Main Swing Parts for pitching or full swing techniques - the Arm Swing-Body Rotation and the Hinging Action. Chipping and putting techniques require learning the only the Arm Swing-Body Rotation part.
You are so confident in your SGG approach to helping every golfer play their best that you advertise your lessons as “the best investment a golfer can make in their game - guaranteed”. Do you ever have students that just can't improve?
I can honestly say that I have never had a student who could not improve. As you know, golf is a game of persistence. You constantly strive to make your good shots more consistently and to make your poor shots less penalizing. The SGG approach has become so refined that our students are confident that they can improve. All that is required is that they practice using the Simply Great Golf instruction Principles and follow their SGG “Golf Time” Management Plan.
I have heard a number of people say that they fear taking lessons because they have heard that they will get worse before they play better. Is this true?
Our approach is designed to help our students improve quickly with constant forward progress. We don't believe it is necessary to take two steps back to move ahead. We understand that old habits need to be broken and new habits developed over time. To guarantee the most effective forward progress, students are encouraged to follow our “Homework Practice Plan”.
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I know you feel that you have something very unique and special with your Simply Great Golf approach. Would you elaborate?
There is never a day that I don’t enjoy teaching. I know that I am able to help every student improve; and that makes teaching fun and exciting. My SGG approach has become so refined that our students regularly comment about how much they enjoy their lessons, which are simple to learn and provide positive feelings the students have about the improvement of their games.
How did you find the best techniques and instruction for grip, stance, back-swing, etcetera?
Finding the best fundamental techniques and teaching/coaching styles to benefit a wide range of golfer abilities is an on-going learning process. I study the fundamental techniques used by the world’s best golfers and I regularly attend and teach PGA seminars to learn from my fellow golf professionals.
Twenty-two years ago I made a commitment to continue to research and experiment in order to develop the simplest, most effective concepts for learning and playing the game of golf. Just as generations of top golfers and top teachers have become better by continued research and experimentation, I can honestly say that I have become a better teacher every year and my Simply Great Golf approach has become more refined as I continue to learn.
Which SGG instruction program do you recommend for beginners, intermediates and low handicappers, or top tournament players?
All of our programs are designed to benefit golfers of all skill levels. My experience shows that in our Group Programs -- Schools, Semi-Private Lessons and Clinics -- we can mix beginning and intermediate golfers with advanced tournament players and all participants receive highly useful benefits. The Simply Great Golf Academy also offers Specific Schools for “Tournament Players” and “High School Players”.
In terms of our best value/best instruction investment program, our 3-Day School is tops. The 2-Day and 1-Day Schools are not far behind. Semi-Private Lessons (consisting of groups of 2 or more) would be next in line followed by our Private Lessons and Clinics.
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What’s the difference between your Simply Great Golf Academy and some of the other top academies?
We offer the best value - we are much more affordable than the other top-rated academies and I am confident that the SGG Approach is the best because I have proven that we can provide every student with the ability to play their best golf with simplicity. I am often told by my students who have attended other top-rated academies and worked with other top instructors that I have the best concepts and teaching style they have ever experienced. They also mention that our instruction is so simple and sensible while others make it too complex.
One of the SGG teaching tools that helps a golfer perfect his golf swing
You have received the PGA Teacher of the Year award in three different PGA Sections and achieved a ranking of Top 6 PGA Instructor in the U.S. What was the process for achieving these awards?
To become teacher of the year in each section, I was first nominated by my peers for each of the PGA Section Awards. Then I had to meet the criteria for the award in order to be considered a nominee. Finally, all nominees were then voted on by the PGA Section Board of Directors.
I became ranked as a 2006 ‘Top 6 PGA Teacher’ in the U.S. by being nominated by the Indiana Section PGA as a candidate for the National PGA Teacher of the Year Award. I became one of the six finalists from fifty nominees for the title.
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